E d w a rd s S t L a w r e n c e S t B i s h o p S t C o t t a g e S t S t R o n a n S t O r a n g e S t E d w a r d s S t Sterling Law Bldgs K li n e L a b S a g e - B o w e r s S lo a n e S te r li n g L a b s K li n e L a b B a s s G ib b s K li n e T o w e r W r ig h t L a b s Class of 1954 Chemistry Bldg 301 Prospect 3 4 0 E d w a r d s Farnam Memorial Gardens Leitner Family Planetarium CT State Medical Society Fire Station M a s o n i c T e m p l e 2 2 1 W h i t n e y S C I E N C E H I L L Nica’s Market Church St Piz za at the Bri ck Ov en Davenport College Trumbull College Ezra Stiles College Morse College Hall of Graduate Studies Ray Tompkins House Saybrook College Sterling Library Mory’s Newma n Archite cts Yorksid e Donut Crazy Ashley’ s St Thomas More Chapel Christ Church Co ur tya rd by Ma rri ot t at Ya le B a n k o f A m e r i c a TYCO O f f - B r o a d w a y T h e a t e r GANT LL Bean Toad’s Place B a r n e s & N o b l e Y a l e B o o k s t o r e C r e p e s C h o u p e t t e P a ta g o n ia C a m p u s C u s t o m s S a l s a F r e s c a A p p l e Tropical Smoothie B l u e J a y C l e a n e r s B l u e m e r c u r y U r b a n O u t f i t t e r s O r i g i n s J . C r e w B a r b o u r L o u L o u J u n z i K i t c h e n G o o d N a t u r e M a r k e t Main Garden Three Sheets Alpha Delta Pizza Popeye’s Sushi Mizu Pat rici a’s Pizz a Em pire El Am igo Fel ix Tomatillo Ivy Wok Trailblazer Blue State Wall St T o w e r P k w y Elm St B r o a d w a y Park St Howe St Dwight St Lynwoo d Pl B r o a d w a y York St Elm St W ha lle y Av e G o f f e S t Dixw ell Ave Sterling Law Bldgs Branford College Pierson College Arnold Hall Maison Mathis Tarry Lodge Box 63 Basil Kamal Broadway Shopping District © Hedberg Maps, Inc. Inset Broadway.pdf 1 1/5/18 9:01 AM H e n ry S t C h a rl e s S t To w ns en d S t W e b s t e r S t F o o te S t G re g o ry S t Co mp to n St W oo dl an d St Ti lto n St Winchester Ave Ashmun St H il ls id e P l P ro s p e c t S t Ingalls Rink S a g e - B o w e r s S lo a n e S te r li n g L a b s K li n e L a b Class of 1954 Chemistry Bldg 301 Prospect St Martin de Porres Catholic Center Scantlebury Park S C I E N C E H I L L Farmington Canal Greenway Ms M’s C h in a S ta r York St Crown St College St Chapel St Temple St High St Church St Sushi Mizu Chapel Street Historic District School of Architecture Rudolph Yale University Yale University Art Gallery Trinity Church Yale Repertory Theatre Hillel Shubert Theater Omni Hotel Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Claire’s Anchor Spa Owl Shop Elm City Social College St Cycles Atticus Books & Cafe Harvest Est Est Est Chap’s Grille Pad Thai Atelier Florian Thai Taste Hair Niche J&B Deli Insomnia Cookies Salon J York St Noodle Yale Ctr for British Art New Haven Hotel The Study at Yale Aladin Crown Pizza BrüRm BAR Viva Zapata Partners Seoul Olea Little Salad Shop Yale School of Art 149 York St York- Crown Apts 305 Crown 301 295- 297 China King ViVi Bubble Tea Edible Arr Dunkin Donuts Subway Soul de Cuba CT Transit Info Dunkin Donuts Barracuda Bistro Chapel-York Garage Zaroka Star- bucks Midpoint Istanbul Panera 10000 Villages Enson’s Wave L’Occitane Sherman’s Alley Union League Cafe idiom Basta Ann Taylor Shake Shack Zinc Taste of China Ordinary 1st Church of Christ Scientist Art Plus Studios Graduate Hotel Shift Cycling T h a i P a n A s ia n J o jo ’s C o ff e e & T e a 1156 Chapel (Green) 353 Crown Brother Jimmy’s BBQ FroyoWorld Gift Shop Info New Haven College Street Music Hall Y Hair New Theater Bennett Memorial Plaza Lalibela Prime 16 Pitaziki Temple Plaza Temple Grill Cajun Boiled Seafood Roìa Jake’s Diggity Dogs Jeera Thai Pacific Standard Tavern Mecha Noodle 341 Crown John Davenport’s B Natural Pacifico Jacks Steakhouse Queen Zuri Book Trader Cafe Yurway Hull’s Art Derek Simpson Goldsmith The Juice Box Kitchen Zinc Louis’ Lunch Geronimo The Wine Thief TD Bank Barcelona Ben & Jerry’s PhoKet Peo Roly Poly ChengDu Kalimera Olives and Oil Cask Republic Starbucks Chipotle The Halal Guys Cooperative Arts & Humanities HS Bonchon Kelly’s Cobbler J Press Webster Bank College Wine Rite Aid Stella Blues 1022 Chapel: Details for Hair, CandiTopia, dwell, Sushi on Chapel 1020 Chapel: Arethusa Farm Dairy, Ragg’s, Modern Trousseau Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea Karma Salon Yale Gift Shop © Hedberg Maps, Inc. Chapel Street Historic District Broadway Shopping District Inset Maps