Picturesque New England towns and lively small cities make the region a desirable place for people of all ages. Strong schools and beautiful parks and beaches provide an ideal setting to raise children, while an attractive mix of cultural institutions, restaurants and shopping make it an inviting destination for young professionals and empty nesters. After years of hovering at a 2% vacancy rate in housing rentals, residential and mixed-use development is surging in New Haven. Demand for urban living is no longer limited to Millennials. We are seeing increasing demand from Baby Boomers to Generation Z. And if you’re a fan of history or urban planning, you will appreciate the adaptive reuse of the former Winchester Repeating Arms factory into Winchester Lofts. While downtown New Haven has been a hotbed of residential construction and renovation, many towns along Shore Line East (services New Haven to New London) and the soon to be launched New Haven-Hartford-Springfield rail line are booming as well. If you prefer suburban living, Greater New Haven offers the beauty of shoreline living and bucolic rural towns all within 369 square miles. These towns embody the traditional vision of New England life with modern amenities. The median price for home sales in the region is $245,200. Housing Overall Average Rent NEW HAVEN BOSTON NEW YORK $3,500 3,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0 $3,181 $$$$$$ $2,961 $$$$$$ $1,456 $$$$$$ On its own, Greater New Haven is an awesome place to live. But if you had your heart set on Boston or New York, remember Greater New Haven is the epicenter of these two cities at approximately one-half the rental price according to November 2017 data from 2018 Rent Comparison TWO-BEDROOM COST PER PERSON - DOUBLE OCCUPANCY LOCATION NEW HAVEN $1,456 $1,331 $1,575 $788 BOSTON $2,961 $2,524 $3,224 $1,612 NEW YORK $3,181 $2,682 $3,369 $1,685 OVERALL AVERAGE RENT ONE BEDROOM TWO-BEDROOM Source: Milford Downtown District 52