Higher Education 59 Branford College Michael Marsland/Yale University The region is home to eight colleges and universities, including two law schools, two medical schools and the world-renowned Yale University. The University of New Haven includes the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science. Although not a true cluster, the education sector is a main economic driver, producing a well-educated workforce while employing more than 50,000 people and having a total economic impact of over $2 billion annually.* Yale University is the region’s second-largest employer. Second only to Healthcare and Biosciences, Higher Education continues to be a significant job generator. While these institutions have always employed a large number of our residents, they also have become an effective partner in solving regional workforce challenges through strong partnerships between industry and local colleges and universities The education sector is contributing to the region’s economic vitality through continued investment. Yale College opened two additional residential colleges in 2017 that will increase enrollment by 800 students over 4 years. Yale is also investing $150 million to create a world-class campus center by renovating the historic Commons and Memorial Hall. Once complete in 2020, the Schwarzman Center will be transformational for Yale in providing a space dedicated to cultural programming and student life at the center of the university. NEW HAVEN AREA COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES Albertus Magnus College 203-773-8550 or 800-578-9160 Gateway Community College 203-285-2000 Middlesex Community College 860-343-5800 Paier College of Art 203-287-3031 Quinnipiac University 203-582-8200 Southern Connecticut State University 203-392-SCSU or 888-500-SCSU University of New Haven 203-932-7000 or 800-DIAL-UNH Yale University 203-432-4771