7 Region Visitors and residents alike are often divided when characterizing Connecticut. There are those who see us as the third member of New York’s Tri-State area. Others perceive us as the Gateway to New England, particularly travelers flying into the New York metro airports. Even when it comes to sports, the state is divided between the New York and Boston teams. So what’s Greater New Haven’s stance in the controversy? To continue the geographic theme, we’re Switzerland. There are valid arguments for each perspective so we’ll give you the facts and you can decide for yourself. NEW ENGLAND Founded by Puritans in 1638, New Haven is the first planned city in America with the New Haven Green serving as the center of the nine squares. This quintessentially New England green still functions as the epicenter for community life hosting outdoor concerts, festivals and other events in this time- honored gathering space. Traditional main streets, town greens, classic New England countryside, and antique shops are some of the discoveries you’ll stumble upon right outside of the city. You’ll travel through classic Connecticut countryside highlighted by ancient stone walls, Colonial homes and majestic maples. Head to a number of outlying towns where you can pick fresh fruit in season, stop at a roadside stand for fresh veggies or attend one of the region’s annual agricultural fairs, complete with midways, oxen pulls and pumpkins of every size. TRI-STATE REGION With world-class art museums, innovative theater and musical performances from classic to cutting edge, New Haven’s cultural scene reflects its proximity to New York City. When you are done being wowed by our impressive cultural offerings, head for any of the 130 restaurants within walking distance of the Green to savor flavors from all over the world. While some cities are culinary melting pots, New Haven eateries preserve the essence of the original cuisine and update it with a splash of gastronomic ingenuity. And for the record, we’ll put our pizza up against NYC’s Little Italy any day of the week. As for convenience, travelers can journey to New York in about 90 minutes on either Amtrak or Metro- North. In fact, thousands of commuters shuttle back and forth on a daily basis. This shared population adds credence to the metro New York perspective. In light of the facts, it’s a tough call. Why don’t you give us a visit and let us know your vote. We like to think we have the best of both worlds and we hope you’ll agree! New Haven Skyline New England Charm, Cosmopolitan Style