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2020 REX/EDC Newsletters

REDFO (Regional Economic Development Forum) Meetings

The Regional Economic Development Forum (REDFO) meets monthly to foster a collaborative approach to economic development in South Central Connecticut.  Each month an economic development leader is invited to present on his/her area of expertise to a cross-section of economic development directors, board members and stakeholders.  Every city/town is welcome to send a representative.  Core to the meeting is a 3 minute update from each attendee on economic news/events.  The updates give everyone the opportunity to query the other attendees regarding any questions or issues they may have.  These meetings are held on the 4th Friday of every month with the following exceptions:
  • There is no August meeting
  • The November meeting is typically rescheduled due to Thanksgiving
  • The December meeting is typically rescheduled due to Christmas

Check our calendar of events for the current REDFO meeting dates.

Connecticut's Best Practices in Economic Development & Land Use Planning

The Connecticut Economic Development Association (CEDAS) has developed a certification program to encourage best practices in municipal economic development and land use to spur continuous improvement. The program is intended to drive communities to pursue excellence in land use and economic development practices and to recognize the communities that have established best practices. 

In the pursuit of best practices, planners and economic development professionals can use this program to engage community stakeholders in discussions about how to achieve higher standards and develop creative, community specific ways to implement them. 


This program will:

  • Accelerate the sharing of best practices across the entire state;
  • Improve the overall quality of economic development services at the local level;
  • And, ultimately result in more economic development in Connecticut. 

Evaluation and Certification

Applicants will be evaluated by a committee consisting of a representatives from each of our collaborating partners.  Every three years, communities can re-submit for recertification and demonstrate continuous improvement. 2019 recipients will receive a certification plaque presented at the CEDAS Annual Awards event in October 2019.

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