Projects | Wooster Square / Water Street TOD Planning Study

The City of New Haven, in cooperation with the Economic Development Corporation of New Haven, is developing a transit-oriented development plan in the southern part of the Wooster Square and Water Street section of New Haven. Funded through a grant from the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, the project is intended to elevate and enhance transit-oriented development in the Wooster Square neighborhood and New Haven as a whole. Wooster Square’s historic growth pattern was based on transit, walkability and a mixture of uses in a very densely-developed, low-to-moderate scale neighborhood. With new residential developments approved at the corners of Chapel Street /Olive Street and Union Street /Fair Street, the neighborhood is growing. Expanding this historic pattern and incorporating current best practices for Complete Streets and transit improvements will help guide coherent development that is in character with the neighborhood. The planning process started with a stakeholder meeting in June, 2016 and continues through December, 2016.


Wooster / Water Retail and Housing Assessment

Wooster / Water TOD Planning Study Executive Summary

Wooster / Water Community Meeting II-Design Concepts

Wooster / Water Community Meeting I Public Presentation